Planning applications

Sutton Civic Society aims to comment on major planning proposals for the town of Sutton and its environs with a view to ensuring that proposals properly respect the town’s character and heritage, as well as ensuring that the public amenity is preserved or enhanced. If you know of a particular proposal or application which you would like us to consider, please drop us an email to

London Plan

The draft New London Plan was published on 29 November 2017 and the consultation period closes on 2 March 2018.

The Mayor of London’s plan proposes:

  • Sutton as a nighttime economy of regional importance;
  • 939 homes to be built per year, which is more than double the ambitious target recently approved in the Sutton Local Plan of 427 per year.  The Council’s planners have done a thorough review of all sites likely to come up for development and believe the 427 is achievable.  Our concern is that the target of 939 is not achievable without radically changing the character of the Borough;
  • Backgarden development will be permitted, which is currently prohibited by the Sutton Local Plan;
  • Only 1 to 2 bed homes in the town centre rather than family homes, whereas the Sutton Local Plan currently requires 25% of housing in the town centre to be at least 3 bed (and 50% in the Borough as a whole) commensurate with the local need for family homes.

The Sutton Local Plan also provides for continued protection of open spaces, greater protection for pubs, major residential developments to be zero carbon, and better protection for heritage assets.

Sutton Local Plan

We also aim to comment on the emerging Sutton Local Plan, which is set to define the development of the town until 2031, and any supplemental planning documents.

Heritage Action Zone

At present, Sutton is part of a Heritage Action Zone, established by Historic England in the Spring of 2017. Over the next three years the aim of the Sutton Town Centre Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) is to assist the town in facing the challenges presented by growth whilst ensuring the character of the town centre is not lost. We aim to work with Historic England and its consultees over the three year period for which the Heritage Action Zone has been established.